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    St. Louis Gift Guide: Startup Edition

      The startup scene in St. Louis is growing fast! Here are some of the best gifts you can buy from a company born and raised in St. Louis. We've featured one particular product from each business, but many have a range of products. Make sure to check out their websites for more options!   1. Artifox Featured Product: DESK 02 WALNUT  / WALNUT + BONE This beautiful minimalist desk is everything you need it to be. A lightweight design that's assembled in minutes, utilizing hardwood and steel for lasting durability. It features a built-in dock for all of your tech devices and you'll love how it's functional cable grid neatly manages those messy power cords. DESK 02 was designed to adapt to your needs with mix and match accessories that allow you to create the perfect workspace. Made in the USA.   2. Best Pocket Square Holder   Featured Product: Best Pocket Square Holder...
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    Which Video Best Explains the Case Coolie?

    Which of these videos does a better job explaining what a Case Coolies is and how it works? We want to spread the word about Case Coolie but have trouble demonstrating it online in a way that makes it clear how it works and how to use it properly. What questions are you left with after watching these? We appreciate the feedback!  
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    Case Coolie On The Golf Course

      When we created the Case Coolie, we honestly only had one use in mind... tailgating. The Case Coolie has been used by plenty of our customers for tailgating purposes, BUT it turns out it's possibly even better for golfing! Since it was designed to keep a case of beer cold for 10+ hours without ice, we've heard that it is a great companion on the golf course. Plus, it's much easier to deal with than a typical cooler since it weighs only 2 pounds and folds up when not in use. If this is the first time you have heard of the Case Coolie, here is a video explaining what it is and how it works!  
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    Gift Guide for Camping Enthusiasts

    Are you shopping for a loved one who loves camping? We compiled a list of some of the coolest camping items out there. Check out 9 awesome products that'll definitely put a big smile on their faces this holiday season...     1. Pod Tents   Make camping more communal with tents that meld into each other! Pod tents are designed to connect with each other and create a large shared space for camping.      2. Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot   Weighing in at just 2 pounds, the Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot is incredibly easy to store and carry. You won’t find another cot as easy to transport and use as this one!     3. Hydro Hammock   A bathtub you can hang from the trees?! Yes, that really is a thing. The Hydro Hammock can be even more when you hook up the heating unit and turn it into a hot tub!     4....
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    5 Reasons Mom Needs a Case Coolie!

    When we invented the Case Coolie, we thought it would be used mostly by frat guys and tailgaters to keep their 30 packs of beer chilled. Boy were we wrong! We hadn't even considered many of the uses we've discovered or heard from our customers since then! Here are 5 USES for the Case Coolie that any mom would love! Picture of my mom with her Case Coolie!   1. Transporting Frozen Goods Getting frozen groceries home is a pain! Have you ever tried to make a second stop after the grocery store only to discover a nice, sticky pool of melted ice cream in the trunk of your car? Maybe you've seen a bag of chicken ruined because thawing and refreezing resulted in nasty freezer burn. Well, those are problems of the past with a Case Coolie!  The Case Coolie isn't a cooler. Instead, it uses two layers of highly effective...
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    What Exactly is a Case Coolie?

    Have you ever filled a cooler with ice? Well in the time it took you to even get a bag of ice out of the ice chest at the store you could have been loaded up and ready to go with a Case Coolie! That's because a Case Coolie cuts out every unnecessary step!   We realized a few years ago that almost all canned and bottled drinks seem to be sold out of a refrigerator, especially beer. In fact, at most gas stations or liquor stores it's hard to even find warm cases. This led some of our lazier friends to just simply grab a cold case and go. Unfortunately, no matter how fast you can chug beer, it's going to get warm before it's gone. On top of that, it was always hard to tailgate with a cooler unless you drove to the tailgate and had a vehicle...

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