What Exactly is a Case Coolie?

Posted: Aug 01 2014

Have you ever filled a cooler with ice? Well in the time it took you to even get a bag of ice out of the ice chest at the store you could have been loaded up and ready to go with a Case Coolie! That's because a Case Coolie cuts out every unnecessary step!


We realized a few years ago that almost all canned and bottled drinks seem to be sold out of a refrigerator, especially beer. In fact, at most gas stations or liquor stores it's hard to even find warm cases. This led some of our lazier friends to just simply grab a cold case and go. Unfortunately, no matter how fast you can chug beer, it's going to get warm before it's gone. On top of that, it was always hard to tailgate with a cooler unless you drove to the tailgate and had a vehicle to store your cooler during the game. Most of the students would walk to the parking lot and go straight inside the stadium where coolers weren't allowed. So, we created a product that solves all of these problems!


The Case Coolie uses a double layers of insulation, neoprene and aluminum PET, to create the best thermal barrier you'll find in any cooler or related product. Since you're often buying drinks that are already cold, why do you need ice or ice-packs to keep them chilled? Instead just wrap them up in something that'll simply keep out those nasty infrared rays, a Case Coolie! 


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  • Posted by Jason Cash on October 17, 2014

    To whom it may concern,

    I’m writing today on behalf of my son’s Oak Lawn Westside Warriors baseball team. This group of talented 12 and 13 year old boys and girls have been selected to travel from Oak Lawn, IL, (a suburb of Chicago) to Cooperstown, NY, to play in the Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament. This team of 14 was selected after 2 days of very demanding try-outs. To help offset the cost of the tournament, team travel expenses and help prepare for the trips, we’re hosting a fundraising event. This event will be held on November 16, 2014. We expect that 100-150 families will be in attendance.

    I’m hoping that you would be kind enough to donate something to help out the team. Whether it’s an item to donate for the silent auction at the fundraising event or equipment/apparel for the 14 kids and to help them look their best as they play and represent their home town in Cooperstown. Any kind or amount of donation helps!

    Your consideration and support is greatly appreciated.

    I have attached our team letter on the official organization letterhead along with the IRS and tax letters.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

    Jason Cash
    [email protected]

    Donations can be sent to

    Attn: Jason Cash
    1357 Washburn Way
    Lockport IL 60441

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