5 Reasons Mom Needs a Case Coolie!

Posted: May 03 2015

Picture of my momWhen we invented the Case Coolie, we thought it would be used mostly by frat guys and tailgaters to keep their 30 packs of beer chilled. Boy were we wrong! We hadn't even considered many of the uses we've discovered or heard from our customers since then! Here are 5 USES for the Case Coolie that any mom would love!

Picture of my mom with
her Case Coolie!


1. Transporting Frozen Goods

Getting frozen groceries home is a pain! Have you ever tried to make a second stop after the grocery store only to discover a nice, sticky pool of melted ice cream in the trunk of your car? Maybe you've seen a bag of chicken ruined because thawing and refreezing resulted in nasty freezer burn. Well, those are problems of the past with a Case Coolie! 

The Case Coolie isn't a cooler. Instead, it uses two layers of highly effective insulation to keep the contents near the same temperature for many hours. With a cooler you need ice or icepacks because the insulation often isn't very effective on its own. Plus, a bulky cooler it a pain to transport and store. Instead, just toss a rolled up Case Coolie in the trunk and whenever you need to keep something frozen, simply place those items inside. In fact, putting several frozen items in the Case Coolie means that you now have several hours to get it home!

A folded Case Coolie is less than 2 inches thick and can be stored anywhere! 

2. Keeping Electronics from Dying

This one really surprised us as it's way outside our intended uses! In St. Louis -- where we're based -- the temperatures range from over 100° F on some summer days down to 5° F in the cold of winter. Because of this, the Case Coolie has uses in any season! When it's cold, the double layer of insulation is crucial for keeping things from freezing. If Mom has cameras, computers, or any electronics, the Case Coolie is clutch!

Batteries die quickly and the cold can even damage electronics. By placing these devices in a Case Coolie, they are shielded from the sharp temperature drop after you shut off your car. While we wouldn't recommend leaving the devices outside over night, this thermal barrier keeps the devices from losing their charge as fast and can save them from damage. Of course, make sure they aren't left on because the small amount of heat they produce gets trapped inside!

3. Cold Drinks

The intended use for a Case Coolie can't be ignored! While Mom may or may not like beer, a Case Coolie keeps any drinks cold. Fill it with soda, water, juice, or even a couple bottles of wine! If you need to chill your drinks, just toss a few ice packs or small bags of ice inside. The Case Coolie holds up to an entire 30 pack of beer, but two 12 packs or a 12 pack of bottles fit very nicely too. Lay a couple bottles of wine on their sides and they fit perfectly inside! Even for those that don't drink alcohol, the Case Coolie is a vast improvement over lugging around a regular cooler.

4. The Ultimate Lunch Box

We knew the Case Coolie could keep drinks cold, but we hadn't expected this use! I remember taking a lunch box to school every day with an ice pack inside to keep my food fresh. After just a few hours the ice pack would thaw and the food would be lukewarm.

The body building community first gave us this idea. Many of them need to eat several small meals throughout the day. That means keeping a cooler or large specialty lunch box with compartments for each meal and lots of icepacks or ice. By using the Case Coolie, they've been able to keep a range of tupperware containers cold throughout the day with little trouble! While Mom might not be trying to bulk up, this aspect is useful for anyone needing to keep their food consistently cool. Bringing food for a group? That's where the Case Coolie shines brightest!

5. Transporting Warm Food

The double layer of insulation in the Case Coolie is unique. No other cooler uses the same technology. As a result, it works in situations that you would never think to use a cooler. If you had to get a casserole to the family party, would you grab a cooler? Well that's exactly when you should grab a Case Coolie!

In the same way that a Case Coolie protects your drinks from the exterior heat, it can hold heat inside. Take your dish, wrap it with a cloth (to keep it from damaging your Case Coolie if it's too hot), and carefully slide it inside. Because the Case Coolie opens on the end, it's easier to make sure the dish stays flat when putting it inside or taking it out. It won't stay hot all day but even if you're traveling a couple hours, your food will be warm on arrival. This works so well that we've even thought about designing our own version of the pizza delivery bag!



When we created the Case Coolie we had a specific problem in mind. Instead, as happens with many of the greatest products, we found many additional uses! While we stumbled on a few of these ourselves, we heard many from our customers as well. We'd love to hear your uses too! Leave us a comment below on how you use your Case Coolie! Pick one up for Mom by May 6th  and we'll make sure you have it in time for Mother's Day!


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