For as long as I can remember most places sold beer cold, right out of the fridge. After lugging a cooler around at tailgates and such and seeing the beer disappear in just a few hours I started to think... If a koozie keeps a can of beer cold then why not a whole case of beer?

Whether it's golfing, tailgating, camping, boating or any other place you'd like to enjoy your beer away from the refrigerator you'll have to load up a cooler and drag it around all day. With a Case Coolie that's all a thing of the past! Just grab the case of beer (cans or bottles) straight out of the frig and slide the Case Coolie over it... seriously. That's all you do! The double layer of top quality insulation will keep your drinks cold all day without any ice or any further prep. It's so easy that you can be ready to go in under 30 seconds. When you're done just fold it up. It's less than 3 inches thick and weighs only 2 pounds. There's no cooler on the market that does what a Case Coolie can!

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