What is a Case Coolie?

By combining two high-quality insulative materials, we have created a product that keeps drinks cold WITHOUT the need for ice, icepacks, or freezing anything at all. As long as your drinks or food are cold going in, the Case Coolie will keep them cold for over 10 hours!

Case Coolie has a double layer of insulatiob

Using a Case Coolie eliminates the hassles of buying ice or carrying around a bulky cooler. It is also the fastest cooler on the market to load and unload. You won't need to take your beverages (beer, soda, water bottles, etc.) out of the packaging. Simply place the entire case of drinks-- box and all-- inside the Case Coolie and let the awesome insulation technology do the work of keeping your beverages frosty for hours! The Case Coolie was created to fit around an entire 30-pack of beer and holds smaller cases easily as well. It also folds flat when you are done using it. 




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