The Big Question...

How Does It Work?



The Case Coolie is unlike any other cooler because it combines two extremely effective layers of insulation to prevent your beverages and food from heating up. As a result, it makes using ice or ice packs obsolete! The outer layer is neoprene, the material used in wetsuits. The inner silver lining is called Aluminum PET, an insulative material commonly found in duct systems. The Aluminum PET we use also contains small air pockets that add extra insulation help.


Cooler Materials


Combined, these insulation tools keep whatever is placed in the Case Coolie around the same temperature as when it goes in! Place cold items in the Case Coolie and it will drastically slow down the rate at which it heats up, giving you hours of cool beverages and food. We have tested a refrigerated 30-pack of beer in the Case Coolie in 90 degree weather hundreds of times. After 15 hours, the beer registers at 55° and is still cold to the taste for the average person! It can even keep frozen food from thawing for hours while you run your errands after grocery shopping.


The Case Coolie works for warm food and beverages as well. The same insulation principle applies: place your warm dips, casseroles, baked goods, etc. in the Case Coolie and it will keep it around that temperature for hours (while you travel to the party).*
*Note of caution: Do not place extremely hot items in the Case Coolie as it may damage the lining.

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