Question: Can A Freezer Be Outside?

Can a freezer be kept in an unheated garage?

Changes in temperature in an unheated garage can be a problem.

“You need to make sure that the unit is not exposed to temperatures above 110° F or below 0° F, because that may damage the freezer,” says Larry Ciufo, who oversees the ratings for Consumer Reports’ freezer tests..

What is the difference between a garage ready freezer and a regular freezer?

2018 and newer upright and chest freezers are garage ready and are proven to perform at room temperatures ranging between 0 degrees F and 110 degrees F. Freezers Certified for Garage Use. Upright freezers are perfect for freezing food while taking less floor space in your home or garage.

Why is my garage colder than outside?

Just like with broken panels, the main reason why your garage gets so cold in the winter is because cold air is coming right in. If your garage door is old and hangs crookedly, there’s going to be an unprotected sliver near the ground.

Can you keep a freezer outside in the summer?

Cautions for Storing Outside Appliance, storing a freezer outside in coastal areas can cause the freezer to corrode due to the salty air. Extreme heat can be too much for the freezer stored outdoors. Direct sun will make the machine work harder to keep its contents at the correct temperature.

Can a chest freezer be outside?

Those living near the coast should avoid leaving a chest freezer outside due to the likelihood of corrosion from the salty air. If theft or animal activity is a concern, consider placing the unit inside your garage or purchasing a freezer with a secure locking system.

Are all chest freezers suitable for garages?

Suitable for outbuildings Some chest freezers can be placed in garages or outbuildings, giving you an ideal backup storage solution that lets you keep more food and saves space in your house. You’ll need a space that’s dry, damp-free, has a stable temperature and level floor.

Where is the best place to put a freezer?

Be aware that custom appliances can be pricey. Other possible locations for placing a freezer include the kitchen, utility room, basement, garage, and laundry room. When space is limited, you may want to consider locating a freezer in a guest room or outdoor shed.

Why is the outside of my freezer wet?

HUMIDITY If you live in a humid area—or summer weather has arrived—it’s normal for some condensation to appear on the outside of your freezer. … As this air cools, it forms small droplets of condensation on the freezer’s exterior.

How do I protect my freezer in my garage?

Make sure your garage is cool, dry and protected from the elements. A level concrete floor is ideal. If your garage is unusually hot, the freezer will have to work harder to do its job. Keeping the freezer away from a window will also help the freezer work more efficiently.

How do I protect my freezer from outside?

Look for freezers that are designed to work outdoors. Moisture and precipitation is still a concern, so you’ll want to place the freezer in a dry place with adequate ventilation. Excessive sunlight, rain, and snow can all damage outdoor freezers. Be sure to inspect your outdoor freezer on a regular basis.

Which freezers are suitable for garages?

Most Beko freezers are suitable for outbuildings too, giving you greater freezer storage flexibility for the home. Beko’s intuitive Freezer Guard technology ensures safe operation even if the outside temperature drops as low as -15°C, so storing your freezer in a garage or outbuilding isn’t a problem.

How do I get my freezer to work in the cold garage?

If your garage temperature dips below freezing, the thermostat inside the garage refrigerator’s freezer may think it’s cold enough and shut off. To work around this issue, you need to heat the air around the thermostat. One way is to install a heating coil around the thermostat.

Can you put a freezer outside in a shed?

Let’s Go Outside Beko were one of the first and most of their chest freezers can operate safely down to -15C with their FreezerGuard technology. Ice King, Russell Hobbs and Logik (a Currys own brand) have followed suit and can confirm that at least some of their products can be used in unheated garages or sheds.

Which is better upright or chest freezer?

Chest freezers have around 20 percent more usable space than a upright freezer. … Air doesn’t circulate as much in a chest freezer. This helps prevent freezer burn better than uprights. If there is a blackout, the chest freezer will keep your food frozen longer than an upright.

What is a garage ready chest freezer?

Chest freezers are designed to be in an indoor environment. “Garage Ready” usually means that it will readily adapt to the drastic temperature changes that occur in an uninsulated garage.

Will a freezer work outside in the winter?

In fact, the outside temperature can greatly affect how well the freezer works. … But if the outside temperature cools the unit down to much less than 50 degrees, the compressor will only occasionally kick on. It may never come on at all. This means that eventually the freezer will be only as cold as it is outside.